About Us

Wendy Elizabeth Marquez

Wendy was a Citibank vice president and branch manager, dedicated to helping small business owners with their financial needs.

During her 20 years of business management and banking experience, she saw a gap between what small businesses need and what the corporate sector can provide. That’s when she left to form a company to bridge that gap and provide her own unique set of services.

With her broad financial and management background, combined with her keen understanding of the challenges small business owners face, Wendy has the proven ability to hone in on your priorities and provide solutions.

Whether it’s preparing records for your tax accountant, analyzing your bills and overhead costs to find ways to save money, maintaining and/or completely revamping your books, or trouble-shooting insurance, payroll/tax issues, Wendy and the Accuracy-Plus team can help make running your business easier, so you can focus on your number one goal — GROWING your business.

Accuracy-Plus works in conjunction with a network of professionals in a variety of fields, including Tax Accounting, Asset Management, Trust & Estate Planning, Employee Benefits Administration, Insurance, and Telecommunications, all of whom are readily available to consult with our clients to ensure your needs are fulfilled.

These liaisons, combined with our highly creative approach to problem-solving, often uncover solutions for overcoming obstacles our clients do not even realize exist.

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